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Thank you for shopping Blac Bubbles Soapery LLC and all its goodness. It is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Sandra, I create soaps that are natural and beautiful, amazingly rich, conditioning, smooth and silky with and with-out scents. The soaps are crafted in small batches and have curing times which means to me that each soap has a life of its own. The shape, size and color may be different so don’t be surprised. It is my duty as Blac Bubbles Soapery to take you on a journey to a self care and self love discovery.

Being a Covid survivor before the vaccine! I was left to discover a new kind of SELF LOVE and SELF CARE. Join me in DISCOVERIES of much needed items to take the bathroom experience to a higher level a 5 Star sophisticated experience level! As they say LEVEL UP!

Blac Bubbles Soapery is what I and others wish they had when time permitted or not. Being a single Mom I still wanted cleanliness, quietness and time to myself. I still wanted to value self, the planet, and learn all I could to do and be better. This includes food! Not only did I get a cosmetology license but I was concerned about what I put in my body too. It’s important to know what goes in my body is equally important as to what goes on my body. Our products are formulated to create goodness for your skin, that’s it! Products that your skin will say thank you to! We use only food grade oils, natural and cosmetic-grade colorants, and paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils or all-natural essential oils.

So….Thank you for stopping by and shopping at Blac Bubbles Soapery. We are grateful that you've chosen us to journey through a life time of bathroom self care and love. We hope that you grow to love our products as much as we do.

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